youtube The Autumn Stone

The Struggle of Men and Animals Against Death and Time

by Syd Lane

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As always, this music is best listened to with headphones in a candlelit room


released November 7, 2016

Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Syd Lane

except Memories Of You written by The Ink Spots
And Pink Galaxie which contains parts from If by Pink Floyd, and Flowers by Galaxie 500

Cover art cropped from Men and Animals Struggling Against Death & Father Time by David Vinckboons 1576–1633



all rights reserved


Syd Lane Kingston, New York

Nature's patient, sleepless Eremite.

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Track Name: Divine Comedy
standing below the hill
meeting the animals of will
will Virgil lead me the straight way ahead
will leopards, lions, and she-wolves
kill me dead

comedy divine
Track Name: Beautiful Things
The more a thing is perfect
The more it feels pleasure and pain
It is the finest of blades
That are easily blunted, bent, or broken

I want to make beautiful things
even if nobody cares

The hottest places in hell
Are reserved for those who in great moral crisis
Maintain their neutrality
And God knows
That's not me
Track Name: Don't Be Fooled By Charm
I remain a figure
Easily demonized
It's easy to look down on
A girl with such dark eyes
But I don't have dark dreams
I am filled with light
The black sheep's skin
Is shining bright

Don't allow yourself to be
Easily fooled by charm
It's the most charming people
Who do the most harm
Track Name: Pink Galaxie
If I were a swan
I'd be gone
And if I were a train
I'd be late
If I were a good man
I'd talk with you
More often than I do

If I were asleep
I could dream
If I were afraid
I could hide
And if I go insane
Please don't put your wires
In my brain

I could never calm you down
I could never turn you around
I could never bring you flowers
I could never turn you around

If I were the moon
I'd be cool
If I were a rule
I would bend
If I were a good man
I'd understand the space
Between friends

If I were alone
I would cry
If I were with you
I'd be home and dry
And if I go insane
Will you still let me
Join in with the game

I could be there when you're sleeping
I could be inside your dreams
Track Name: I Can See You Smiling
I can see you lying
Hear you crying
All night long
I can hear you sighing
And relying
On the song
Of your own recognition
Of what is true
I can see you trying
You'll come through
Track Name: We Chose The Bomb
Nothing dignified or wonderful
Ever comes from me
Lonesome, bittersweet
Is there still a real point to this?

Standing in an open field
Alone I watch the birds in the trees
And I wonder why I'm wondering at the sky

In the end nothing matters
Except laughter, except love
Forget your friends
Forget your lovers
Forget everything
We chose the bomb

Will there come a day when we define
The real meaning of life
I try to be nice
But they're not making it easier
Though the willow stands high
They cut her down; they make her cry
And they wonder
Why this world is going under

In the end nothing matters
Except laughter, except love
Forget your friends
Forget your lovers
Forget everything
We chose the bomb
Track Name: I'm Going To Break
Time goes slowly
Take a breath
You'll find the fault in me
Every hour
Every minute
I think that I'm going to break

Don't hold back
Just take a shot
Then I will do the same
Easier than showing weakness
I think that I'm going to break

Kick me
Shove me
You don't have to let me in
Anything to keep the distance
I think that I'm going to break

I swear this time will be the last
Good intentions gone in shame
I could try to do things different
I think that I'm going to break
Track Name: New York
I had to leave what I could not control
It began with my family
And came 'round to my soul
The grey skies behind me
They taunted and laughed
But I kept on moving
To much greener grass

In New York, such melodies
New York, my joie de vivre
New York, I'm almost home
I was not born on your shores
But I'll be yours

Through my indifference for people
I've been placed outside
Their society
But that's OK with me
Now I live in a ghost world
Enclosed in my dreams
And imaginings
And what I believe

In New York, such melodies
New York, my joie de vivre
New York, I'm almost home
I was not born on your shores
But I'll be yours
Track Name: Motherless
Don't you know by now little girl?
She's never gonna stop
She likes feeling on top
And causing you misery

Mother said "you'd better leave me alone
Cause I have come to hate you
Don't ask me why
I'm only happy when you cry
Your eyes are too wild
I'll never treat you like my child"
Track Name: Memories Of You
Waking skies
At sunrise
Every sunset too
Seems to be
Bringing me
Memories of you

Here, and there; Everywhere
Scenes that we once knew
And they all
just recall
Memories of you

How I wish I could forget those happy yesteryears
That have left a rosary of tears

Your face beams
In my dreams
'Spite of all I do
And they all
Just recall
Memories of you
Track Name: Days Are Over
Days are over now
Seeds have all been plowed
False ones fell away
And you'll reap what you sow
I want to let you know
I think it's too late
I've cut the ties to your lies
And it's a damn shame
You were my best friend
But nothing of the flesh
Can last forever
It is a concept I refused to understand
Still, it's the end
And what was the point?
Create more pain upon pain
That's all.
I learned nothing from you
Except to expect that
Most people aren't true